For Whom

M Health caters to Oncologists and Pathologists in Minneapolis and the surrounding communities. We utilize our expertise in oncology and genetic testing to help physicians better understand their patients’ health and risks for certain medical conditions. This will help you create a more effective treatment plan for your patients.


When it comes to testing results for your cancer patients, accuracy is critical. Our team of board-certified pathologists will ensure your results are accurate or confirm your diagnosis. We can also provide interpretation and consultation for your test results to help you provide better care for your patients.


At times, tests results can be unclear or raise more questions than they answer. Our molecular genetic pathology physicians will examine your results, providing you with an interpretation, so you can have confidence in your results and provide the best diagnosis and care for your patients.

Our Benefits

The mark of an excellent physician is knowing how to utilize your resources to determine proper diagnosis and patient treatment. When you team up with M Health, you gain access to benefits such as:

Test result interpretation

  • Integrated interpretation
  • Focus on actionable variants
  • Insights from multiple reviewers
  • Stored database to review all tests
  • Available to answer questions


  • Board-certified pathologists
  • Molecular and genomic expertise
  • Hematopathology expertise
  • Surgical pathology expertise

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