About Us

The molecular genetic pathology physicians at M Health are available to provide both genomic testing with interpretation and consultation for complex oncology genetic testing results obtained elsewhere. Our team works with physicians in Minneapolis and the greater Twin Cities area to evaluate their patients’ genetics, determining risk for genetic conditions and personalized treatment options. We will also work with the referring physician to integrate the genomic information with the patient’s history, helping with direct patient care.

Our team has demonstrated experience in genomics, performing and interpreting next generation sequencing since 2011. Through this experience we’ve been able to:

  • Offer a wide variety of inherited disease testing which encompasses thousands of genes for hundreds of medical conditions.
  • Offer evidence-based oncological genetic testing and new cutting-edge testing.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Sophia Yohe, MD

Dr. Yohe is board certified in molecular genetic pathology and hematopathology and serves as the Chair of the College of American Pathologist’s (CAP) Personalized Healthcare Committee. In addition, she participates in the TAPUR Study tumor board hosted by the American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO).

Dr. Bharat Thyagarajan, MD, PhD

Dr. Thyagarajan is the director of the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory at M Health and is the Chair of the Division of Molecular Pathology and Genomics. He has extensive experience in development and implementation of complex clinical tests such as next generation sequencing (NGS) based diagnostic assays at the University of Minnesota. He also provides laboratory and sequencing support for several multi-center clinical trials and non-therapeutic studies and participates in genomic consortia such as the Trans-Omics for Precision Medicine (TOPMed) program. He has completed two NIH funded studies evaluating the role of mitochondria in colorectal cancer susceptibility and colorectal adenoma etiology.

Dr. Andrew Nelson, MD, PhD

Dr. Nelson is board certified in molecular genetic pathology and anatomic pathology. He has scientific expertise in genetics, cancer biology, protein biochemistry, molecular biology and next-generation sequencing technologies. His translational medical research is focused on transcriptomic and genomic analysis of breast and gynecologic malignancies to refine diagnostic categorization and therapeutic management for improved patient outcomes. He works extensively with medical and surgical oncology, health informatics, and bioinformatics scientists to implement precision medicine practices in oncology care.

Dr. Pawel Mroz, MD, PhD

Dr. Mroz is board certified in anatomic and clinical pathology, molecular genetic pathology, and hematopathology. Dr. Mroz is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at the University of Minnesota and a member of Division of Molecular Pathology and Genomics and Masonic Cancer Center.

We utilize our expertise to accurately evaluate a patient’s genetic information, giving physicians a clearer picture for determining the patient’s care. If you are a local physician practicing in the Minneapolis or greater Twin Cities area, you can find more information about our genomic testing offerings or submit a referral, by clicking here. For additional information, please contact us today.